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Welcome to Dutch Security Innovations B.V.

Since 1998, Dutch Security Innovations B.V.(formaly Dylans B.V.) has made a business out of being a Security Service Provider providing professional grade surveillance equipment and software for residential and commercial properties. Commitment to quality extends from product development to customer service.
We have a well-oiled service framework that takes care of all the needs of our customers. The service purview starts with advise in which solution suits the requirements and ends with a service pledge that is still unmatched in the industry. DSS offers a complete spectrum of sales and after sales service of multi brand power.

At Dutch Security Innovations B.V. we have always put quality first. All equipment that we provide is procured from high end manufactories who are known world over for their superior products. At our end, we harmonize total solution for the customers' needs. We make sure that the customer does not wait at any point of time for consultation, delivery or after sales service. We have a dedicated customer support team that is more than eager to assist our clients on any issue they face. Our organization believes in creating a service based interaction platform.

We are proud to have a highly talented and dedicated team of professionals and engineers. Our organization takes full care of our people and nurtures talent in every possible way. Being a service organization, one of the prime factors driving the growth of our company is the quality of interaction and satisfaction of our clients. We provide regular training to our team that motivates them to create exceptional service at every point of contact with our customers.

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